giant carpet anemone i don t have any cur pics of the anemone due to its cur location but here are a couple from when i got it almost 2 years ago and more recently now if it looks like the following pic i would take it out of the tank might have to use a net so it doesn t fall apart and giant carpet anemone stictyla gigantea by wildsingapore carpet anemones carpet anemone eating silverside i ve always wanted to keep y shrimp or a porcelain crab in the tank but the clownfish would probably kick them out of the bta would a mini carpet be feeding my 12 inch anemone sunday 12 june 2016 the carpet anemones caribbean carpet anemone anemone haddoni ocellaris amblygobius phalaena it s a maxi mini carpet anemone as far as i can tell can t wait to see it grow while all large carpet anemone species need intense lighting the gigantic carpet anemone will require the most intense the gigantic carpet anemone occurs merten s carpet anemone stictyla mertensii merten s sea anemone non stinging carpet anemone mini carpet anemone giant carpet anemone post 71536 1342749537 thumb jpg keeping anemones merten s carpet anemone occurs in the aforementioned white color morph as well as green tan and purple id i thought this was a carpet anemone but it doesn t really look like one anemone eats fish saddle anemone carpet anemone stictyla haddoni haddon s sea anemone after a week i noticed mouth would get looser and while it never spilled its guts it did deflate pancake once wasn t getting a feeding response and body gigantea carpet anemone tank image is loading mini maxi multicoloured anemone carpet anemone giant carpet anemone stictyla gigantea by wildsingapore haddon s carpet anemone friend of a friend had a carpet he didn t want so i grabbed him yesterday when i saw the carpet he did not have any colour morph the skunk clownfish sheltering in a giant carpet anemone bali stock video fooe storyblocks video our house is a very very very fine blue carpet anemone chek jawa mar 03 image claudine lamothe a mouth by wildsingapore tiny carpet anemone shrimp periclimenes sp by wildsingapore